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Jan 24, 2021Medication can vary anywhere from an 8-in-1 dewormer that gets rid of and controls various kinds of worms, to a canine dewormer for smaller sized dogs. Usually, the cost.

  • Aug 15, 2018How much does deworming a dog cost?. $4 per tablet (34mg) Drontal® Plus: $10 per tablet (68mg) or $15 per tablet (136mg). Some dog owners simply administer the.

  • Dec 05, 2021How much does worming a dog cost? Average dog microchipping cost Worming treatments are more expensive at £10 to £15, but only need to be done every three months,.

  • Answer (1 of 3): Since this is virtually a world-wide forum it’s really impossible to say what a vet in your area would charge to deflea and deworm your pet. However I do believe it’s much cheaper.

How Much Do Vets Charge For Worming Tablets

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